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California, United States
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  • Apr 1st 2024 at 2:01 AM
    FREE $20 Bonus Over and Over!

    FREE $20 Bonus Over and Over!

    The gift that keeps on giving! I have made over $4,000.00 screenshot below and You can do it too! 

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    You can use your Debit Card wherever Visa is accepted

    NetSpend is a Pre Paid Debit Card and there is no credit check, interest charges or late fees.

    The NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card is available to all citizens of USA.

    Call NetSpend at 877-789-5220 and give them the Referral Code 1248463765 to collect your free $20 bonus or visit the website.

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    Sign up to NetSpend

    Sign up to NetSpend

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  • Nov 13th 2023 at 12:49 PM
    Better Than ClickFunnels?

    Better than ClickFunnels?

    I bet you've been confused by all the different software systems for running your business. It's such a big decision to make.

    Which platform(s) do you use to grow an email list, create landing pages, deliver online courses and run your affiliate program?

    There is a new platform in town that is getting amazing reviews.

    People say it's so much better and easier to use than ClickFunnels — plus they have a free version you can get started with.

    It's called, you can create your account here:

    What I love about is that you have everything you need in one place. 

    There's no need to patch together multiple tools and create a 'Frankenstein's Monster' with so many extra steps, bugs, and glitches. has it all:

    Blog/Website Builder 
    Email List/Newsletter Autoresponder 
    Online Courses/Membership Sites 
    Evergreen Webinars 
    Affiliate System 
    A/B Testing & 1-Click Upsells

    You can use this system to create a landing page, grow your email list, sell your digital products, do upsells, webinars, and even run your blog.

    From start to finish, it's all in one place, and best of all — the learning curve is a lot less challenging than other tools I've used. 

    If you're shopping around for software solutions to set up your online business, make sure you give a try.

    The free account is fully functional, it's only limited to 2,000 email subscribers, more than enough to get you started.

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  • What does everyone need? Back Up .... Ahhhh J/K

    Everyone is using a streaming TV service or have cable or satellite tv and you know how much that adds up to these days. 

    You can refer people like crazy at $14.99 a month. Not only that you make 25% commission for every person you refer to the TV service.

    But wait you can earn even more as for every person you refer to the TV service and they refer someone you will get 10% commission ... this adds up! 

    IPTV Great streaming TV service has 35,000 LIVE Worldwide TV channels. Yes all the TV channels you know and love!

    120,000 Movies and TV Series with Video on Demand. Which means you can watch them when you want too.

    Premium Movie Channels such as Cinemax, HBO, Showtime, Epix

    Watch all your favorite sports events Live! MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, Premier League, Footy, Soccer

    Never miss Football LIVE BT Sport, Sky Sports, Premier League, Freeform are included

    All Pay Per View events are included such as WWE, MMA, Boxing, and UFC!

    Includes every TV channel at a fraction of the cost of Cable or Satellite TV with IPTV Great service provider.

    Works on all devices Android Box, Android Phone, Firestick, iOS, iPhone, iPad, PC Computer, Mag, Tablet, Smart TV, Mobile Phone, Apple TV, Mac, VLC, Kodi, Enigma2 and more

    Sign up to IPTV Great affiliate program and earn 25% commission on each sale! Plus 10% of what your referral earns!

    Sign up to IPTV Great

    Sign up to IPTV Great affiliate program

    You can read more about IPTV Great TV service on my website.

    You can see my actual earnings at the top of the post. Screenshot below is a streaming TV service I promoted in the past to show you how much you can make. $6,432.00 for 2 months.

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FREE $20 Bonus Over and Over!
Apr 1st 2024 at 2:01 AM
Better Than ClickFunnels?
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