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Bill Archer
New Jersey
Bill's Interests
I am Commander of an American Legion Post in NJ. When I get time I love collecting things, from cards to coins. You can find me around the surfing community.

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  • Oct 1st 2022 at 1:01 AM
    Adstaker is on Fire

    A brand new site, which I am a Founder of just opened.
    If you are into Crypto, you'll want to jump in on this. If you aren't familiar on how to navigate Metamask wallets, Ask for help before you start.
    The Adstaker token is out and available for only .06 at the time of this writing. Once you join the site, you purchase your desired amount of tokens, then you can use them to purchase ads or simply stake them.
    You will receive 5% a day for staking and all you have to do, is view 10 ads in the 24hr period.
    Exciting times for anyone in crypto.

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