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  • May 18th 2024 at 7:58 PM
    You Must Have a Primary Business

    “GRAVY” is money earned, for example, over $1K per month in our case, while promoting your primary business, which you are going to do anyway, right?

    So, this does not count the money you earn in your primary business, but only the extra income you earn by default.

    Thus I call it "gravy. "




    You must have a primary business, which is the most important thing.

    Your primary business is the one thing that you do always, irrespective. of everything else, In other words, you are committed to your primary business. lock, stock, and barrel.

    You are sold on it, period.

    For example, everyone whom you come in contact with must know it.

    The local dentist, whose primary program was excel, and everybody in town knew her as “Excel Ellen”. This works for online or brick and mortar businesses.

    Just think of the people you know in your town who you identify with their primary business: judge, sheriff, doctor, banker, barber, plumber, electrician, realtor, etc.

    Nobody is confused about what they consider their primary business.



    All-in-One Marketing Tools as my primary business, meaning to say, I promote it first, before all others.

    I know all about it. As evidence of my commitment to my primary business, I refuse to join anything with anybody who is not first a member of my downline in All-in-One Marketing Tools.

    Conversely, if your primary business changes monthly, weekly, or daily, Everybody knows it, and you are only fooling yourself if you don’t understand that!

    Here comes Ol 'What’s His Name.

    I wonder what he’s pitching this week.

    Wonder what happened to his last — latest, greatest deal, not to mention all the poor folks he talked into it.

    In other words, what your grandma told you, you have to stand for something, ?or you’ll fall for anything, so commit to something.


    Because of its integrity, longevity, residual income, weekly pay, and much more, You must find your “All-in-One Marketing Tools” or people will get tired of seeing you coming.


    Listen, if you think you can be truly successful online without advertising, quit now.

    You are not going to make it, ever, unless you learn who, what, where, why, and how to advertise.

    You've got to advertise, period, or your business will die a slow death.


    This is exactly how a few of us are earning hundreds of dollars monthly!

    The money is not coming from trying to make money from advertising, but from advertising our primary business and the money follows, so we are making money ?by default, in the process of promoting our primary business now, You can’t do that with just any advertisement, but you can, and a few of us do choose to do it.


    Every one of your customers who chooses to make money with advertising (like you are doing) will be in your sales force.

    Within a few months you could have 1000’s of people in your sales force.

    Every time any one of them makes a sale, you get paid!

    It’s always about product advertising.



    When you were born, did the people in the delivery room look at you and say, “oh, ok, this one’s an internet marketer." Of course not.

    You were not born knowing anything; you have to learn.


    if you think you know all about internet marketing, Quit Now.

    If you think there is something else you can learn or another tool you might be able to use going forward, or if you are like me, and you have people asking you every day how to do this or that, then do as I have done for over 8 years now...

    Send them to where you can help them!


    I can’t tell you the number of times somebody has said, "What about how to make money online?" or "What about websites, hosting, etc." and I simply say to them, "Sure, no trouble at all."

    As one fellow whom I sent there said, Free All-in-One Marketing Tools, with its step-by-step inspiration, tools, and services for a newbie to an expert, is simply incredible, That’s what separates the Free Earning Campaign from all others!

    So-go to the All-in-One Marketing Tools below and check it out at no cost to you.


    Upgrade and refer others, then as they upgrade and you get paid, you can then upgrade out of profit, not out of pocket, and you can do the same as me, or better! Why not?


    Others are doing this and earning big money, It is not rocket science and requires only focus.

    If you keep doing this and you do not ever quit, on or before your first year is up, there is no reason in the world you should not be earning at least 1K per month, right?


    Nobody is going to do it for you, This is so easy that all you use is one finger, If you can point and click, you’re in business, We have people doing this earning five thousand a day,


    Don’t just sit there, What’s stopping you, We are open 24 hours a day, Get started – right now!

    Team Upline Sponsor

    Yours sincerely,
    Chris Holroyd

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  • May 18th 2024 at 8:09 PM
    I am getting traffic like cRaZy 24/7!

    Top Dogs.. will make YOU a Top Dog.

    Top Dogs Rotator from Maryanne and Sabrina Myers and is a traffic MONSTER.

    I am getting traffic like cRaZy 24/7!

    Your sites and ads will be shown ALL OVER THE INTERNET!

    Sabrina surfs over 125 traffic exchanges, places ads and emails as a FULL TIME job!

    They actually use 4 computers to do this and will be surfing on our behalf!!

    Don't stay behind any longer. Treat yourself better than that...

    just run with the Top Dogs and reap the benefits.

    With TopDogsRotator (**new**) you can..

    - List unlimited sites

    - Your signups also show your sites - WITHOUT using your hit credits.

    - Earn hits.. A LOT OF THEM

    - This rotator is a powerful force to build your signups and traffic.

    - Only YOUR ads show on your rotator

    - Viralize your ads AND get micro ads
    - Hits sent to your rotator

    - 25+ year site owner - who pays and answers members.
    - 100 % custom built site.

    - Contest going on right now!

    It's shockingly massive traffic.

    Get the traffic that the top dogs get starting NOW...

    You will LOVE this!!

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  • In ancient times, my wife and I would block out an afternoon to just find a comfy chair at Barnes and Noble with our coffee, grab a stack of materials from the stacks, and just Browse.

    NOTE This is when dinosaurs walked the earth and they had these things called BOOKS. Invented somewhere between Fire and the Wheel I think.

    The first thing I would do was to hit the Table of Contents to get the lay of the land.

    See how it starts out, and how the story develops.

    Well, things are a Little different now with eBooks (that frequently skip right over the step to create a Table of Contents), and instead of a comfy chair in B&N, I can be anywhere I can power up my phone or tablet. The TOC is still my favourite starting point.

    Sooo... Take a few minutes to scan the Table of Contents of Secrets of the Big Dogs.

    You won't find out the solution to a murder mystery, hear about the lasting kiss in a Rom-Com, or learn how to host a dinner party but you Will see how the story of a Successful Network Marketing program has developed over the last 20+ years with Stan Stuchinski at the helm, inside the 28th Edition of Secrets of the Big Dogs.

    Table of Contents Introduction:

    How to Use This E-book"
    Chapter 1: What the Internet IS
    Chapter 2: What the Internet is NOT!
    Chapter 3: Here They Are! The "Secrets" of the Big Dogs!
    Chapter 4: Traffic Generation on the Web – What Works, What Doesn’t
    Chapter 5: C.H.I.P. The Coordinated High Income Portfolio
    Chapter 6: "Putting it All Together" – Your Income Potential
    Chapter 7: "But Why PAY for It? I Can Get It for FREE!"
    Chapter 8: "I LOVE the Big Dogs program, Stan, but....."
    Chapter 9: Questions and Answers - We Answer ALL Your Questions about Big Dogs!
    Chapter 10: Getting Started With C.H.I.P.

    You see that questions are posed, and straight-up Answers are given.

    Nothing hidden.

    No unpleasant surprises.

    The TRUTH.

    This is the LAST Network Marketing eBook you MUST BUY.

    Perseverance, Patience, and Consistency. 30 Minutes per day.

    No successful program can survive 20+ years unless it is the REAL DEAL.

    Checkout Secrets of the Big Dogs

    Chris Holroyd

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  • May 18th 2024 at 8:04 PM
    5000 Subscribers + 700,000 Credits Free

    How about getting 5000 subscribers added to your list for absolutely no cost just for signing up?

    New Free Trial System..get paid by sending emails

    A system has started that made millions in its first 17 months is yours to try FREE for 5 days!

    Are you tired of sending out emails with no return on investment?

    Have you ever wished you could get paid each time someone opened a link in an email you sent them?

    You are compensated for each click produced by your emails when you use it, which is just one of the numerous advantages.

    That's correct, regardless of whether a sale is made or not, you get paid every time someone clicks on a LINK inside an email you sent.

    You can make money for each click whether you have a free or upgraded account.

    It's a fantastic method to start monetizing your email marketing efforts and making some additional money.

    And How about getting 5000 subscribers added to your list and 700,000 Credits for absolutely no cost just for signing up?

    You start by sending 17 emails, takes aprox 15min max each day

    — List 1. ( 5000 credits x 15 emails = 75,000 credits, Each day your emails reduce as your list grows )

    — List 2. ( 20000 credits x 2 emails = 40,000 credits, this stays the same each day )

    Do this exact system above for each day for 5 days, also check each day, how many clicks and how much commission you have earned, results vary ( Click on Check your Commissions Link )

    Then on day 5 your credits will have run out, and you need to either upgrade, $97 one time payment, which will give you another 700,000 credits which is another 5 days worth of posting,

    Or you can promote this for FREE using your referral link using a free programe called LeadsLeap, or other programes, using FreeTraffic and when you sign up a minimum of 3 members that UPGRADE you will have earned enough to recieve your first commission payout ( Min $300 ) and be able to upgrade using your commissions. ( Still as a Free Member )

    You earn 100% commission, one time payment on each upgraded downline member - 3 x $97 = $291 + what ever you have already earned from your 10 cent email clicks in the first 5 days, which should now qualify you for the next week payout run, min $300

    NOTE - This seems a lot but it is so easy to reach this level you will understand why this is so working so well for many members online.

    You can also use $97 dollars from your commission when you get paid, to upgrade your account, then you can access lots of credits packages using our discounts codes, and other products. ( All without paying 1 dime out of your own pocket )

    This is to prove to members that the system works—and you get paid 10 cents each time someone clicks on a link in one of them, and it also builds your list at the same time!

    Don't let your emails go to waste.

    Start building your list and earning money for every click today.

    Chris Holroyd

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  • May 17th 2024 at 11:09 AM
    Earn $13 Free Today!

    A Free Traffic Site That Pays You $13 For Clicking 100 Ad Clicks

    Traffic generation is quite easy when you know how to create a lifetime of free traffic.

    It involves a little strategy (explained below) and a specific traffic site that pays you $13.00 piggybank money plus $1.00 cash when you join.

    That site is called Actual Hits 4U.

    Click Here To Join Actual Hits 4U

    The first thing you should do after joining is to claim the daily promo code which you will see on the dashboard when logged in.

    When you have surfed 100 pages, you can then use your $13.00 piggybank cash, just click on the account tab and then piggybank add the $13.00 into the transfer box and transfer, thats it use it now to upgrade your account

    Use this cash to purchase the level 1 upgrade which costs $7.95 per month (but using the piggy bank on site means no card required etc).

    This qualifies you for 20% commission and 5% ad credits from your referrals.

    You will earn $1.59 with 1 referral who does the same as you (joins, surfs and upgrades using funds).

    You will also earn 50 ad credits from their surfing.

    This gives you enough money to pay for another 1 month upgrade.

    To maintain this cycle you need to work on gaining a total of 5 free referrals to cover the $7.95 upgrade cost.

    Those referrals need to be willing to surf 100 pages and start their own perpetual traffic system.

    Considering millions of people surf daily for ad credits this is not a difficult task.

    You can use my capture page to help you gain these referrals if you want to do that.

    How To Use My Capture Page

    You will need an free account with Leadsleap and the code below so you can import this page:

    Code: page-aVNGfDVrwV

    Click Here To Join Leadsleap

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