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Chris Holroyd
Manchester UK
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Affiliate Marketing
Network Marketing
Military Aircraft

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  • Nov 30th 2023 at 4:04 PM
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    To Your Success

    Chris Holroyd



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  • In ancient times, my wife and I would  block out an afternoon to just find a comfy chair at Barnes and Noble with our coffee, grab a stack of materials from the stacks, and just Browse. 

    NOTE This is when dinosaurs walked the earth and they had these things called BOOKS. Invented somewhere between Fire and the Wheel I think.

    The first thing I would do was to hit the Table of Contents to get the lay of the land. 

    See how it starts out, and how the story develops.

    Well, things are a Little different now with eBooks (that frequently skip right over the step to create a Table of Contents), and instead of a comfy chair in B&N, I can be anywhere I can power up my phone or tablet. The TOC is still my favourite starting point.  Sooo... Take a few minutes to scan the Table of Contents of Secrets of the Big Dogs. 

    You won't find out the solution to a murder mystery, hear about the lasting kiss in a Rom-Com, or learn how to host a dinner party but you Will see how the story of a Successful Network Marketing program has developed over the last 20+ years with Stan Stuchinski at the helm, inside the 28th Edition of Secrets of the Big Dogs.  

    Table of Contents Introduction:  

    How to Use This E-book" 

    Chapter 1: What the Internet IS 

    Chapter 2: What the Internet is NOT! 

    Chapter 3: Here They Are!  The "Secrets" of the Big Dogs! 

    Chapter 4: Traffic Generation on the Web – What Works, What Doesn’t 

    Chapter 5:  C.H.I.P.  The Coordinated High Income Portfolio 

    Chapter 6: "Putting it All Together" – Your Income Potential 

    Chapter 7:  "But Why PAY for It?  I Can Get It for FREE!

    Chapter 8:  "I LOVE the Big Dogs program, Stan, but....."

    Chapter 9:  Questions and Answers - We Answer ALL Your Questions about Big Dogs!

    Chapter 10: Getting Started With C.H.I.P.

    You see that questions are posed, and straight-up Answers are given. 

    Nothing hidden.  

    No unpleasant surprises.  

    The TRUTH.

    This is the LAST Network Marketing eBook you MUST BUY. 

    Perseverance, Patience, and Consistency. 30 Minutes per day.

    No successful program can survive 20+ years unless it is the REAL DEAL.

    Checkout Secrets of the Big Dogs

    Chris Holroyd

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Make Money Doing Nothing
Nov 30th 2023 at 4:04 PM
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