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Gustav Kristensson
Scania, Sweden
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  • Sep 24th 2022 at 7:09 AM
    The Magical World of 8bit Ltd

    Join Over 1 Million Users on This Prosperous Crypto Adventure!

    Discovering 8bit four years ago is the biggest milestone in my quest to earn online. Not only have I made the most profit I've ever made online with 8bit, but it's been a really fun ride as well!

    Having been a member since late 2018, I have seen the amazing development of the platform over the past years. From the early beta version from 2017 to the complete revamp and gamification of the website in March, 2021.

    I have gotten to know many of the members of the 8bit team, some quite personally. This has been an important step in building the confidence and trust I have in 8bit today.

    Since signing up in 2018, I have to this date withdrawn cryptocurrency profits of roughly $48,514. So far this year, I have withdrawn an average of around $1,000 in profit every month.

    8bit Ltd is operated by Pixel Softworks Engineering Ltd, a transparent and fully registered international company with five branch offices around the world. Launched in 2017, 8bit Ltd now serves over 1 million users by generating sustainable returns through a combination of market analysis and research, investments in ICOs and start-ups, bulk cryptocurrency investments, manual trading and the development and use of proprietary scripts and software for mining and semi-automated bot trading on cryptocurrency markets.

    8bit provides me with a fun and safe way to generate high returns on my crypto. Becoming a member here is one of the best and most profitable decisions I have ever made.

    Click the "More Info"-banner on this page for more info and a list of my latest withdrawals.

    To go straight to 8bit, click below.

    Welcome to The Magical World of 8bit Ltd!

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