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Klara Schmidtz
Stockholm, Sweden
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Owner and admin of:
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Hungry For Hits
Harvest Traffic Coop
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Food and cooking
Animals, I have 2 cats

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  • Oct 14th 2022 at 4:53 AM
    Who am I?

    Hi, I am Klara!

    I live in Stockholm, Sweden, and I am the owner and admin of Hungry For Hits, the Food Game and Harvest Traffic. They are 3 very different sites.

    Hungry For Hits is a large and popular food themed traffic exchange. It's often on top of ratings and top lists, and there's a lot of activity and unique stuff going on daily.

    Hungry For Hits Badge

    The Food Game is a fun game you can play while surfing traffic exchanges and advertising online. It also lets you advertise and build downlines in all the participating traffic exchanges.

    In this game you are a chef and you can collect ingredients, learn recipes and cook dishes. You can claim all the things you need for this by surfing in the participating traffic exchanges. There is $46 in cash prizes every week!

    Even if you dont want to play a game, you can collect Gold prizes while surfing like you usually do and trade it for upgrades and credits in the participating traffic exchanges.

    The Food Game banner

    Harvest Traffic is a traffic coop, which lets you advertise in over 1500 traffic sources with very little effort. It works in 3 simple steps:

    1. Add the websites you want to advertise. You can also select to limit the amount of traffic you want per hour and block traffic sources you don't want.

    2. Advertise your Coop link to earn credits. To earn credits, simply advertise your Coop link in manual traffic exchanges and/or viral mailers. When you advertise the Coop link, it will display another Harvest Traffic Coop member's site and you will earn credits for displaying it.

    3. Assign credits to your website. Once you have gathered some credits by advertising your Coop link, you can assign them to your website. Your website will then be displayed when other people promote their Coop links, in any of the traffic sources they might use.

    Harvest Traffic Coop banner

    Hope to see you there!

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Who am I?
Oct 14th 2022 at 4:53 AM
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