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  • What are some of the hottest crypto/forex passive income businesses you can join right now without spending a dime?

    1) Skylex

    This is one where you need to upload your ID when you join.

    When your ID is approved, you simply head back to your Dashboard & click on claim the $25 crypto node.

    As soon as you do claim your reward you will immediately start earning passive income.

    You can purchase additional nodes to earn even more.

    I love that you can message your teammates from your Back Office.

    You can join Skylex here:

    2) Metafury

    Metafury is currently giving away the following upon registration:

    - $15 Forex trading credit and,
    - 2000 FuryX tokens

    It is possible to earn FuryX tokens on up to 20 levels of referrals absolutely free.

    You can also buy Forex trading packages to earn even more.

    Get hold of your free FuryX tokens here:

    3) The King's Life

    This one is very hot, with well over a million users.

    So what do you get when you join as a free member?

    - 5,000 tokens
    - 2,500 tokens per referral on levels 1 and 2

    Register here free:

    4) Inertix

    This is an automated crypto trading platform you can also join free.

    Upon registration you will receive:

    - $25 added to your account balance
    - 164 INI tokens worth $90 USD will be added to your account.

    You can use your $25 account balance to start trading.

    a) Click on Invest
    b) Select Standart Tariff
    c) In the box underneath account balance enter 25
    d) then hit Create a deposit.

    That's it you are ready to start earning on autopilot.

    Check out Inertix here:

    PS: These offers are time sensitive.

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