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Diana Cave
Italy (but I'm Engllish)
Diana's Interests
It's not a race or a competition but a journey.
If those doing well help those just starting out or stumbling then the ride will be smoother for everyone. 😊

FUN, FUN; and then more!
Life is too short for anything else 😊

I'm here EVERY day and also visit ALL of the sites below DAILY too!

β€œImitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”
― Oscar Wilde
Feel free to use any of my ideas here for your own profile πŸ‘ πŸ‘

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  • May 22nd 2024 at 4:35 PM

    Really Smart Art!!
    Totally NEW Concept for quick perpetual earning!

    Our Compensation Plan in 10 Simple Steps.

    1. When you get your account, you get 6 buddies known as your profit partners. The 7 of you only have one goal, and that is to get you a referral.
    2. When that happens, all 7 of you get paid, no matter who actually referred the new member. All of you will also move to a higher rank, with the goal of eventually reaching retirement.
    3. You will initially enter retirement with the seventh person to join your profit line after you, regardless of whether you recommended them or one of your profit partners. To put this another way, by the 7th time you get a notification informing you that you earned a commission, you will have reached retirement for the first time.
    4. You can reach retirement without ever having to refer anyone; however, the system works better for all if everyone does their share.
    5. By the time you reach retirement for the first time, you will already have made a minimum of $80.
    6. While in retirement, you do not get commissions when your profit partners refer someone.Β 
    7. Once you reach retirement you must personally refer someone to get out of retirement.
    8. The moment you come out of retirement; the system starts an extra profit line for you which means you will gain an extra 6 profit partners.
    9. As your profit partners keep multiplying, you will make a commission anytime any of them refer a new member to ReallySmartArt
    10. There is no limit on the amount of profit lines you can start which means you can literally get an unlimited number of profit partners that will generate a commission for you whenever any of them refer a new member. This is like having your own army of affiliates.

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