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  • Nov 11th 2023 at 9:18 PM
    How To Use Traffic Exchanges

    HOW TO USE Traffic Exchanges.

    This is a copy of an email I received
    from Franscisca Kruissink, a long time
    Traffic Exchange owner and Friend.

    Not too long ago many people earn thousands a
    month using traffic exchanges. Some earn tens or
    thousands a month (for real!) and a group earned
    hunderds of dollars a month.


    Nothing! There are still good traffic exchanges
    and you can still earn hundreds or thousands a
    month as a member and owner with traffic exchanges.


    How come so many aren't earning money whereas some
    time ago people would earn so much?

    Well games where introduced for people to have some
    fun while surfing, instead of seeing them as just
    that many started to focus on earning money with
    the games instead of what they used to. (which
    is earning with the sites they promote).
    So members of traffic exchanges would earn money
    promoting sites.

    There is nothing wrong with games it is fun and
    you can earn some extra money with it.
    However you need to understand if you focus on
    earning dollars, what do you get? Dollars.


    Sure there are few who are on top with the games
    but since most games have a top list of earnings
    only few will earn (a lot) with them.


    If with a game the top prize is 5 dollars and
    the second prize is 4 dollars and 3rd prize
    3 dollars etc and there are 20 of those games
    that you can participiate it and you are always
    in the top, in this example you earn 20 times
    5 dollars a week! That is over 400 dollars a month!
    1 Person!

    Well. I am NOT saying stop with the games as long
    as you are not earning hunderds or more a month you
    can try to be in top each week, why not? Even if
    you earn already hunderds of dollars a month there
    is nothing wrong with that.
    To itselfs there is nothing wrong with that.

    However the moment you earn thousands of dollars a month
    you might start to see it where it was intended for:
    fun and some extra cash at times too :-)


    First of all there are still people doing it the old
    way Chapeau way! You know who you are!


    Finally here it is I am sorry I had to make it this long
    but I first needed to explain why the games are for fun
    and please do use them it is fun and earn some extra it
    is fun! Be in the top if you like that it is fun!
    I use them again to itselfs there is nothing wrong with
    them they are fun!


    This is what we used to do to earned thousands of dollars.

    Some would use affiliate programs there are too many
    and too many niches to add them here but you see them
    around while surfing still because some still are
    earning thousands of dollars with traffic exchanges.


    We promoted, you guess it, traffic exchanges.
    Owners and Ex owners surely remember the emails
    we sent out when a new site appeared.


    But above all we promoted a list of traffic exchanges.
    Today the best list in my humble opinion is this one:

    You don't need to sign up for all sites listed there.
    If you add your referral IDs at the top 10 it,is good.
    top 15 better and if you even want to do better you could
    the first page which are 30 sites.


    Make sure if you do the top 10 to check each Sundays.
    Sundays the list get updated and the top 10 usually
    looks (a bit) different.


    Yes it does! Not overnight but yes it does.
    You will notice sign ups at
    some will upgrade at the site self (which
    makes you earn money) and you will see people sign
    up for sites listed on
    as the owner of Leads Leap keeps saying rinse and repeat
    and you get more and more sign ups and more and more


    Rinse and repeat, for many not much fun (though you
    might be surprised when you start to see sign ups
    that it is a lot of fun!) GAMES here is where the
    games come in place lots of fun and you can maybe
    earn some money! Yeah!


    Now what if we all earn thousands of dollars a month?
    and are all promoting the same page?

    There are always new people coming to use traffic
    exchanges. Some discover it at a later age others
    are kids now and grow up to be adults and get
    interested in earning money online.

    New places with faster internet connection come
    to mind and there are probably a lot more reasons
    why new members whom are right now outside of the
    traffic exchanges become a member of traffic exchanges.


    If you are a member of owner of the traffic exchanges
    for some time, you remember the times you earned
    thousands a month (or hunderds :-)

    Think about it what changed during those years?
    Did anything really change? Is there something
    different? Aren't there, just like back then,
    traffic exchanges, old ones, new ones, good ones,
    ones you like a lot and ones you love? Did anything
    change? Or was it just us, who started to think it
    changed? Or was it just us who started to promote
    different? Or quit promoting entirely (as several
    have told me just piling up the credits not promoting
    any site but surfing purely for the games)?


    If we changed looking at it? If we changed focus? Can
    we change again? Change our focus? Change to what made
    us earn thousands of dollars a month back in the old
    days? (and some tens of thousands dollars of month?)

    I hope I explained what I am trying to say in a way
    we all understand. You can and may disagree in that
    case we agree to disagree at least I agree towards
    you to disagree. You think your way that is fine
    each his own :-)


    Why did I write this, I hope that more people will
    earn thousands of dollars a month again. If not that
    hunderds of Dollars a month. There are still
    people here, members of traffic exchanges, whom do!
    I like to be the majority to earn money and with
    Gods Help a full time income whatever that amount
    is for you. Hunderds, Thousands, or Ten Of Thousands
    a month.
    Join Viral Traffic Gamesand start earning
    hundreds if not thousands per month.

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How To Use Traffic Exchanges
Nov 11th 2023 at 9:18 PM
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