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Toni Vargas
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I love Gardening, Reading, Love my puppies, 2 little Chihuahua girls, Star and Misty, spending time with family and friends, listening 2 music, AND network marketing, Not necessarily in that order

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  • What Does Your Financial Pathway Look Like?
    LiveGood launched in September 2022. They have a great concept, they are a shopping Club. By becoming a member and paying $9.95 a month, you get to shop their products and get the super low pricing for members. If you want to earn some money by sharing the Company with others, you can become an Affiliate for a one-time $20. You can become a part of LiveGood however you like, Affiliate, Member or just shop at regular prices.
    Another Nice thing, We get paid on all new Affiliates and Members every Thursday via Direct Deposit.

    What Our Group Can Do To Help
    We have formed a tight Group of Like Minded individuals that have gotten together to help each other. Some of us have been in marketing for a long time, while a few are very new to marketing. We all have our own pages to promote, as well as each member gets a Group Page to promote. We do Next in Line for Referrals. So that is why we promote a Group Page as well.

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