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  • Apr 14th 2024 at 4:02 PM
    abrakadabra=I create what I say.

    I help people who are facing personal, health, relationship challenges or need a kind, positive word.
    My mission is to change people. I'm not doing this in a gentle way. I know how to dive into people's depths, and I know how to dig out of them. I can make a person cry, I can encourage them to have a "little funeral". I am good at analyzing and listening to people. I often know how to hurt people on purpose. I know how to find the Achilles heel, make it aware, find out exactly where it is hiding, and make them die in it. I see the soul of a person through information, through sentences. I know how to inflict pain so that people can see their transformation. Not with energy, but with words, with information. There is no mask that cannot be removed. No matter how they "mumble", I can see exactly what is behind it.
    If there is anything I can help you with, please contact me.

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abrakadabra=I create what I say.
Apr 14th 2024 at 4:02 PM
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