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Mark Williams
Cambs, UK
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  • Jun 12th 2023 at 7:47 PM
    FREE upgrade on this TE!

    The Food Game banner

    I have always been one to put effort in when testing
    products and services - with that I am pleased to say
    that has met, and perhaps
    exceeds my expectations of a traffic exchange that
    generously rewards its active members.

    It is very much possible to surf for your upgrades without
    spending all day surfing. Weekly draws for free members,
    top 3 prizes are a one week upgrade based on how many
    claims you have clicked (every 114 pages approx) and 3
    random winners with a timer adjustment upgrade.

    Each day you surf, you can also claim credit for your
    surfing, with a maximum of $0.22 if you surf 2,000 pages.
    Upgrades can be exchanged for this credit also.

    I would highly recommend the medium level upgrade,
    Clues II Special at $3.97 only each month, this upgrade
    gives a shorter timer and very good bonuses for VTG if
    you are also a member. Perhaps upgrade upon joining
    with the discount on offer.

    The Food Game banner

    Feel free to message me, if you would like any more
    information or would like to chat.

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FREE upgrade on this TE!
Jun 12th 2023 at 7:47 PM
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