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  • Want a TEAM of You + 6 PROS Promoting For YOU?

    When anyone makes a sale, EVERYONE gets a commission!
    MULTIPLY the leverage of this new pay model with the momentum created by getting paid from others on your team! (GROW infinite Teams!).. let's face it, selling a free product is the easiest sale to make online. YES, FREE ENTRY =>
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    Geoff Dodd in New Zealand
    Experienced Online since 1996. Do You Want a TEAM of You + 6 PROS Promoting For YOU?


    When you join, you are assigned six partners and the rank of rookie. You can get unlimited partners as time goes on, but for now, let' stick to the six you get upon joining.

    Between you and your six partners, all seven of you will be promoting your affiliate link to refer a new member to the system. When that new member joins, you and all your partners will make a commission, and all of you will be promoted to a higher rank. You and 5 of your partners will now form part of the new rookie's team, with all 7 of you promoting the rookie's affiliate link to refer a new member. Of course, when that happens, all seven of you will earn a commission, no matter who actually made the referral.

    As mentioned earlier, each time a new member joins the system (in what is known as your profit line), everybody in the profit line is promoted to a higher rank. You start as a rookie and can go all the way to the rank of grand master, after which you will retire out of the profit line.

    This is where it gets really interesting. Every time you make a new referral while in retirement, you start a new profit line. Your original six partners are also grandfathered into the new profit line. In the same way, you will also be grandfathered into new profit lines started by members who joined any of your profit lines after you; however, there is a caveat. You will always be grandfathered into profit lines started by the first person joining one of your profit lines after you (that person is also known as your direct referral, even if you did not directly refer them), but not for members joining after that first person (direct referral) if you are still in retirement when they join.


    If you are simply interested in the lifetime membership to the personalized image service, by the time you reach retirement, you will have made back more than 60% of your sign-up fee, whether you are interested in promoting the system or not. You will also continue to make commissions each time your one and only direct referral starts a new profit line. When looking at it this way, it essentially means you will eventually get your whole sign-up fee back but still keep your lifetime membership.

    For the active affiliate marketer who also sees the benefit of the compensation plan, this is the part where your income can skyrocket. Remember how you started out with six profit partners? Well, each time you start a new profit line, you also get extra profit partners, which means you can eventually have hundreds, even thousands, of profit partners, all of whom will promote a link that will put commission in your pocket. is a system that is going to ensure passive income for a lot of marketers for years to come, especially as the system is as evergreen as they come.

    Geoff Dodd

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