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Mona Menezes
Mona's Interests

My interests are travelling, movies, food, music.
Utilizing this space to list recommended sites from which payments are received with thanks
🙏and happiness, which supports my money making interest 😄

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  • After joining GotBackUp, please send me a PM with your ref id nos. 

    Not a member of RoadRunner TE, join here
    Not a member of Standout TE, join here

    To know more about GotBackUp and how it can benefit you,
    please do not hesitate to reach out to me via PM.

    Disclaimer: Do not join if you think/feel it is a fly by night scheme.
                       It started in 2011 and has a presence in 195 countries, that doesnt mean it cannot disappear.
                       It only means am ready to take the risk! 

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