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  • Aug 21st 2022 at 4:12 PM
    Updates To TE/Co-Op


    1. Site Versatility
    2. Site Statistics
    3. Surf Limit
    4. Prizes In Surf
    5. Prizes For Club Surfing

    1. Update part about sites
    In the past when you add a site to our exchange, you would be able to apply whether you want traffic from our co-op or not.

    Now you can choose if you want traffic from Traffic Exchange (from other surfers) or from Co-op or both.

    I also updated the stats to show/reset both "hits" (from TE) and coop hits from the Co-Op (out on other sites' traffic).


    2. Update part about Stats including Tall Banner, Long Banner, Forever Free Text Ads, and Co-Op Traffic

    The Tall Banner, Long Banner, and FFA(Forever Free Text Ad) and Co-Op site stats and member stats have been updated and bug fixed.

    Sitewide stats are being kept and will be shown on a page in the member's area in an upcoming update.

    3. Update part about Surf Limit
    There is now a Surf limit of 2503 to make sure that we keep quality high. After the last Click Track Profit badge at 2501 you will either stop on your own or be kicked from the surf.

    If you continue. Once you access the surf area again until 12:00 midnight EST you will be shown a message that simply says " To Keep Advertising Quality High We Now Have A limit."

    More updates to this are in the works now so stay tuned.
    4. Update part about Prizes in surf

    Prizes in the surf have been limited to 50 per member per day. I feel that that is still generous and it is imperative to keep the credit balance in check.

    I have also added "Banner Prizes " in the surf as well. This gives members another way to win prizes and plays a part in the limiting of the prize page displaying only 50 times. (Credits and Imps for prizes have to come from somewhere!)
    5. Update part about Prizes for Club Surfing
    You can win impressions for the long banner by being in a club and being an active club surfer. Get your 728x90 banners seen!
    6. Update part about Prizes for Top 5
    Win the top 5 and win Tall Banner Imps and Long Banner Imps

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