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Chris Holroyd
Manchester UK
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  • May 24th 2023 at 6:32 AM
    700,000 Credits + 5000 Subscribers FREE!

    How about getting 5000 subscribers added to your list for absolutely no cost just for signing up?

    New Free Trial System..get paid by sending emails

    A system has started that made millions in its first 17 months is yours to try FREE for 5 days!

    Are you tired of sending out emails with no return on investment?

    Have you ever wished you could get paid each time someone opened a link in an email you sent them?

    You are compensated for each click produced by your emails when you use it, which is just one of the numerous advantages.

    That's correct, regardless of whether a sale is made or not, you get paid every time someone clicks on a LINK inside an email you sent.

    You can make money for each click whether you have a free or upgraded account.

    It's a fantastic method to start monetizing your email marketing efforts and making some additional money.

    And How about getting 5000 subscribers added to your list and 700,000 Credits for absolutely no cost just for signing up?

    You start by sending 17 emails, takes aprox 15min max each day

    — List 1. ( 5000 credits x 15 emails = 75,000 credits, Each day your emails reduce as your list grows )

    — List 2. ( 20000 credits x 2 emails = 40,000 credits, this stays the same each day )

    Do this exact system above for each day for 5 days, also check each day, how many clicks and how much commission you have earned, results vary ( Click on Check your Commissions Link )

    Then on day 5 your credits will have run out, and you need to either upgrade, $97 one time payment, which will give you another 700,000 credits which is another 5 days worth of posting,

    Or you can promote this for FREE using your referral link using a free programe called LeadsLeap, or other programes, using FreeTraffic and when you sign up a minimum of 3 members that UPGRADE you will have earned enough to recieve your first commission payout ( Min $300 ) and be able to upgrade using your commissions. ( Still as a Free Member )

    You earn 100% commission, one time payment on each upgraded downline member - 3 x $97 = $291 + what ever you have already earned from your 10 cent email clicks in the first 5 days, which should now qualify you for the next week payout run, min $300

    NOTE - This seems a lot but it is so easy to reach this level you will understand why this is so working so well for many members online.

    You can also use $97 dollars from your commission when you get paid, to upgrade your account, then you can access lots of credits packages using our discounts codes, and other products. ( All without paying 1 dime out of your own pocket )

    This is to prove to members that the system works—and you get paid 10 cents each time someone clicks on a link in one of them, and it also builds your list at the same time!

    Don't let your emails go to waste.

    Start building your list and earning money for every click today.

    Chris Holroyd

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    Jun 6th 2023 at 11:36 AM by Aditya Shivahare
    I joined last month. The free credits did not earn me the minimum withrawable amount. I have to buy credits which are not cheap. I am not sure if they allow withdrawal at all? If you have taken withdrawal, please let me know.
    Jun 9th 2023 at 10:06 AM by Chris Holroyd
    I've been a member of cliqly for around a month now, and have already earned over $803.20, mostly as a free member, i have certainly been surprised with this, it has paid way more already than many programmes online, and it is real money not $5 here $2 there actual money you can live on, Many members are clearly seeing this for the program it is, and upgrading, as you are making money with the system, just from the 10 cents payments and upgraded members etc, I also promote it online separately with Leadsleap, i set up a list and copy and paste some of the emails, created a capture page, and promote it everywhere, traffic exchanges, safeliste etc To upgrade, it's a one-time $97 dollars, you receive another set of 700,000 credits, that cover you again for around 5 days, this also allows you access to lots of extra credit packages, and discount codes etc, you make this back with just 1 referral upgrade and then you're in profit. You also can set up a $97 weekly upgrade, and use a promo code to get it upto 40% discount etc. You don't need to upgrade to earn but i suggest you do once you receive your first payment, deffo been worth it, and many members seem to agree. Bobby is a great owner, and I think this also helps, when you watch his videos. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any help
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