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Jarmo Halonen
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Hello, and thanks for visiting. What should I say, who am I? My name is Jarmo Halonen, I was born in Finland but last 20 years I have lived in Sweden. Age: Born in the gold sixties so I am soon 60. OMG! :)

Every day I get questions about why only MLM. Well, why not? The main reason is that MLM is simple enough that even I can do it.
Rather, it's not just a job, over the years it's been a new way of living.
Another thing is that I almost hate selling. I'm kind of tired of everyone selling something but are they necessary?


I want to use products and services. Why wouldn't I choose high-quality products and services that can't be found on the shelves of every store?

When I don't work, it is almost impossible, because work is with me all the time but anyway I try to spend in nature, as much as possible—the best method to relax and load your battery. No cell phone no Internet only nature around you, that's life.

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  • Nov 9th 2022 at 1:24 AM
    All Solutions Network

    My experience with the program so far
    At the very beginning I must say that ASN is not a program but a website full of services. ASN is a real MLM that never sells anything but offers services.

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